Alex Rodriguez does get to say if he retires, you know. He may be hated by his own organization and its team's fans, but he has that little piece of paper that guarantees he has a say in the matter of calling it a career.

That piece of paper the Yankees gave him in 2007 guarantees him at least five years and $114 million. Plus, if he wants to stick around, there are home run bonuses that add up to $6 million a pop and a total of what could be an extra $30 million. He needs just 13 more homers to tie Willie Mays' 660 number for his first $6 million pop. (The 115 home runs needed to catch Barry Bonds seems less likely.)

The Yankees are clearly trying to gain some leverage with A-Rod. From our original story on Tuesday and other outlets, it feels like a campaign to make it uncomfortable for Rodriguez to put on pinstripes again.