Here is the opening statement and some question-and-answer highlights from Bears coach Marc Trestman's news conference at the NFL scouting combine Thursday:

“Let me just start by telling you I’m unbelievably excited about being the Chicago Bears’ head football coach, and that’s a great way to start the day. A little bit about what we’ve been doing over the last five weeks. We started immediately on putting a staff together. I think we’ve done a fantastic job collectively and organizationally putting together a group of men who are not only great teachers but guys with great people skills. We’re just about complete with our staff. We’ll finish up with a wide receivers coach over the next few days, and we’re excited about both the fit that he will bring to our team and what he will do with our receiver situation in terms of handling the guys on a daily basis. We’ve also spent time evaluating our football team from inside out. Our coaches have spent a tremendous amount of time watching tape of our players and evaluating them as much as we can without having the opportunity to spent time with them on the practice field and meetings. Secondly, we’ve also done a very diligent job—our staff and our personnel people—evaluating the free agents that are out there as well. The process for both is ongoing and certainly that information will be kept internally as we move on into the offseason and we can get closer to those dates. So those have been the three main aspects of what’s gone on over the last five weeks. It’s been a terribly exciting process of getting to know the men and women in our organization operationally and internally on the football side as well and watching our staff work together and the presentations and the information that we’ve gathered over that period of time. I’m excited to be here and I’ll leave it to questions.”

Thoughts on the draft?

“Well, that’s why we’re here. We’ve just getting started with that. We’re getting started with getting to know the players. It started at the Senior Bowl. Most of the time I spent at the Senior Bowl was in interviewing staff and getting our staff organized. So early on the excitement is always to come to the combine to get a first look at these guys from my standpoint and from every organization’s standpoint. This is where it gets started. Certainly it’s been ongoing relative to the personnel department and our scouting department and things like that. But this is a first look from a coaches standpoint.”