It was a novel angle on an NHL game.

On Saturday night, LeBron James, the NBA great, posted a picture of the early action of the Maple Leafs-Bruins game on his Twitter feed. It turns out he was passing time before Sunday's NBA game at the Air Canada Centre by occupying an West-end luxury suite with various teammates from the Miami Heat.

"At my first hockey game. Pretty damn cool," was King James's version of the events.

If you were seeing the game through the eyes of a newcomer, it's hard to imagine how you might have viewed it. Leafs-Bruins has history that goes back to the NHL's early beginnings. Leafs-Bruins was the feature matchup on Hockey Night in Canada when the national institution hit the airwaves 60 years ago.

And Leafs-Bruins, if you've been around these parts the past year or so, has lately been one of the great mismatches in pro sports.

LeBron James knows something about man-versus-boy domination. To say the Bruins treated the Maple Leafs like a bunch of clueless punk kids last season is a grand understatement. Boston swept six meetings between the teams by a combined score of 36-10. As Randy Robles of the Elias Sports Bureau pointed out, the Leafs hadn't been outscored so soundly in a season series since the Canadiens outdid them by 29 goals back in 1957-58.