A couple of weeks of intensive field work around the bag does not a major-league first baseman make, but Adam Lind has not looked at all out of place so far.

After a couple of seasons as a DH and as a left fielder before that, Lind is coming back to the position he played as a kid and in college. There's a steep learning curve involved and the true apprenticeship won't begin until he's in game situations but he relishes the challenge.

"I just feel so much more valuable to the team right now, even though we haven't even played a game yet," said Lind Tuesday. "The work I've been doing, with everyone chattering ... Escobar, Hill, I've got a good group of guys out there who won't let too many bad things happen."

Lind and Edwin Encarnacion have both been working at first in a group that includes the main characters who will be on the field with them all season. Aaron Hill at second base, Yunel Escobar at short and Jose Bautista at third. As a unit, they engage in 30 minutes of up-tempo fielding practice every day.

"It's definitely different than hanging out in the outfield," said Lind. "I feel good. I'm just trying to get into a solid rhythm. I don't know a whole lot yet but I can tell I have good footwork and timing sometimes and sometimes I don't."

Mike Mordecai, the Jays roving fielding instructor, worked with Lind over the winter and is still involved in his transition in spring training.