Vinny Del Negro has it worked out in his mind.
Jamal Crawford and Matt Barnes. Eric Bledsoe is the back-up point guard. Lamar Odom is the first big off the bench.

But the 10th spot in Del Negro's rotation has been constantly changing, and the Clippers' coach knows that might be the norm for the rest of the season.
"We'll try to get a consistent rotation, but it might change from time-to-time with the last few guys there," Del Negro said before Friday's 105-89 victory at Cleveland.
Ronny Turiaf is the current fourth big du jour, with Del Negro playing him over Ryan Hollins and Grant Hill.
Friday, Turiaf played more than 18 minutes, grabbing four rebounds to go with two points and two blocked shots. Hollins played the final four minutes, and Hill didn't play.
Del Negro said a combination of matchups, the game plan and the team's mindset contribute to his decisions as who to play.
Before the All-Star break, Hollins and Hill got extended time with the second unit. Now, neither is cracking the rotation.
Hill said he understands the thinking, and he's got a league-wide reputation for being a good teammate. Same goes for Hollins and Turiaf, making the situation a little more tolerable.
"It's not the easiest situation to be in," Turiaf said. "But this is what I signed up for. ... You just try to stay focused and play like yourself."

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