Astros general manager Jeff Luhnow has brains and guts. He promises there will be glory down the road for his rebuilding-from-the-bottom-up team.

Luhnow has taken a wrecking ball to his team. The Astros might make a run at the 1962 Mets, who managed 40 victories.

Until the bleeding stops, though, the AL West results could prove devastating to the Yankees.

Luhnow is all-in on rebuilding, but here is the “Houston, we have a problem’’ facing the Yankees: The Astros being dreadful will give the top teams in the AL West a scheduling advantage. Texas, Oakland and the Angels should feast on the Astros, playing them 19 times, pumping up their records and putting them in a better position to make the playoffs while teams from the AL East beat up each other.

The Yankees play the Astros six times.

There is the possibility both AL wild-card teams could come out of the West, making it imperative the Yankees win the East. Not that Luhnow buys it.

“There’s going to be unbalanced scheduling in the league all the time,’’ Luhnow told The Post yesterday in his office overlooking Osceola County Stadium. “I will tell you that last year in September, the Phillies came to Houston, they were still in it, by the time they left; they were out of it.’’

Luhnow can’t worry about that, though. He is doing what’s best for his team. He insists the no-name, no-payroll Astros are not going to just roll over and die.