The anticipated Roy Oswalt-J.A. Happ matchup provided as much drama as anyone could have expected, and it hasn't even happened. In fact, it won't happen, at least today.

A day after declaring Happ good to go for the start — scheduled for five days after Happ strained his oblique — manager Brad Mills reversed his decision and will hold Happ out of the start. Bud Norris will start today, and Happ will start Tuesday in Cincinnati after the Astros' day off.

In missing today's start, Happ will miss a chance to start against the team that drafted him and traded him last year for Oswalt.

"The more we thought about it and talked about it, we wanted to give him a couple more days," Mills said. "I know that he used to be a Phillie and he's got a lot of excitement about throwing against his old teammates, but the smart thing was to give him a couple more days to try to heal that thing.

"If something was to happen tomorrow, I wouldn't forgive myself."

Happ said all the right things in addressing the public a few hours after finding out, but he clearly was not happy.