Excerpts from an interview Monday with Astros owner Jim Crane.

Crane on the Astros' pursuit of Lance Berkman and his recent decision to sign with the Texas Rangers: That was money that we could've probably saved or spent it elsewhere down the road based on where we're at in our plan. We'd of loved to have Lance in here for a number that made sense for us, but that's a pretty impressive number, I think, by anybody's standards. If you talk to any of the other GMs, that's a pretty big number.

Potential for the Astros to make a couple moves before spring training starts: Based upon where we're at, to see where some of these players are and how they develop. You could make a very strong case we could've spent a lot of money this year that may not have paid off. It might be better to save that powder, which I think is some of the formula. Do I think they may add a couple more players? Yeah, I think (Jeff Luhnow) is looking at a few more guys. I think they're looking at being competitive. When you look at all the pitchers he's signed, and some of them that can be pretty good with a tweak here and there, you could have a team that's pretty competitive with some young pitching – it's pitching, pitching and pitching. … All of the formula is coming together and we're saving our powder for when it'll have the most impact. If you talk to any baseball experts, we could've spent quite a bit more money and it may not have gotten us anywhere – it may even set us back a little bit on chemistry.