Catcher Carlos Corporan said before Friday’s game he was “maybe 50 percent” as he continues to recover from a concussion caused by a foul tip that struck his head Monday in Arlington.

Corporan who’s still suffering from headaches fatigue and dizziness called it a scary situation and said he was glad the Astros forced him out of the game or he probably would have kept playing.

Then he might be in a worse predicament.

“I’ve been hit so many times and this is the first time I feel like this” Corporan said.

“I’m telling you many many times – many times – (with) the position I play and I didn’t have any symptoms.”

Corporan said he is tested every day by the team’s medical staff and he is making progress.

“I need to be 100 percent just in case I get hit again” Corporan said. “It’s a matter of the position that I play. You can get hit anytime. So they said we’re going to take it slowly and let’s see what happens.”

General manager Jeff Luhnow said Corporan who’s on the seven-day concussion list will be reevaluated Saturday.