Bud Norris is a name heard often in trade rumors, and he might not excite anyone at first blush.

But that doesn't mean he comes cheap. The Astros have sought two top prospects back in trade, according to rival GMs.

That sounds like a lot but considering the scarcity of starters available in a deep sellers' market, it may not be quite as unreasonable an asking price as one might imagine.

Norris, who is 6-8 with a 3.63 ERA, fits somewhere into the uper echelon of available starters with Matt Garza and Yovani Gallardo, and he might look enticing to a contender, especially if top starters such as Cliff Lee remain available. Norris has a few big plusses: Beyond the fact he's pitching in the American League, he makes only $3 million this year and has two more years to go before he can become a free agent.