Assault charges filed this week against a Penn State offensive lineman stem from a January incident in which police say he kicked another man in the head on the street in State College, sending the victim to the hospital.

Anthony Alosi, a redshirt junior, is charged with simple assault and harassment following a Jan. 31 incident in State College, according to court paperwork. Police allege Alosi engaged in an altercation with a man, causing the victim to seek medical attention for an injured eye and multiple abrasions and contusions.

According to police papers filed this week, State College police officers responded to a fight call on the 100 block of Calder Way at about 2:17 a.m. on Jan. 31. They encountered the victim -- along with several witnesses -- and called for an ambulance.

When approached by police, Alosi told them he was attacked for no reason while walking down the street. He claimed, according to police, that the other involved male walked up to him and instigated the altercation. He said he responded in self-defense. A co-defendant in the incident, Jacob Grove, also told police the other male involved came at them.

Officers then interviewed the original 911 caller and two other witnesses, all three of whom told police Alosi and Grove initiated the altercation by punching the man, then knocking him to the ground and that Alosi began kicking him in the head and face. Police seized Alosi’s boots which appeared to have dried blood on them, according to police papers.