Q: Ira, I know you cringe at the idea of Chalmers being Miami's starting point guard next season, but with the Heat limited so much financially this summer, isn't that a real possibility? He may be overrated as a defender, but he does defend well enough and can shoot the 3. I know this isn't everyone's first choice, but I'm assuming the greater need is at center, and once that void is filled, Chalmers may just be the best available option out there. -- Kevin.

A: But what if Chalmers becomes the luxury? What if a team remembers what he did in the Finals and makes an offer that the Heat would have to match and therefore dedicate cap space in that direction? I guess I'm saying I could live more with Joel Anthony as the starting center than Mario Chalmers as the starting point guard. That doesn't mean, of course, that both won't start. They might remain the Heat's only options under a new, more-limited and more-restrictive salary system.