It's difficult to say which is more relentless, the A's pitching or Oakland's offense.

After a 13-3 victory Sunday finished off a pulverizing three-game weekend sweep of Cleveland, the A's have won nine of their last 10 games with equal contributions from an imposing pitching staff and a marauding band of hitters.

Sunday was the streak in a microcosm.

Starter Jesse Chavez allowed two runs -- both on solo homers. The Indians took a 1-0 lead on Michael Bourn's in the first inning. In the top half of the second, Oakland got that back when Brandon Moss tripled and scored on an infield out.

When Michael Brantley's homer in the fifth closed the lead to 7-2, the A's counterpunched with Moss's two-run double.

Moss now has 39 RBIs and Josh Donaldson, who had one Sunday, has 35, giving the A's the best 1-2 punch in the American League. Add to that five RBIs for the day and 27 for the season from Yoenis Cespedes, two RBIs for the day and eight for the series from Josh Reddick, and you have the formula the A's employ to never stop applying pressure. The A's won the Indians series by a combined score of 30-6.

"There are a lot of guys in here who have the ability to capitalize with runners in scoring position," Donaldson said. Batting in front of Moss, Donaldson scored a career-best four runs.

Cleveland took a 1-0 lead in each of the three games, but the A's never let that sit. And that's been the theme of the recent surge. A's pitchers have thrown 91 innings. They've been scored on in just 12 of those innings, and the A's offense has answered with fury. Only one time in the last 10 games have A's pitchers allowed a run and the offense not immediately answered back. (Twice opponents scored in the ninth, when the A's didn't get another at-bat).