Ryan Williams’ name is above his locker just like every other player in the Cardinals locker room but the running back knows that some people would attach other labels if they could.

Like fragile. Unwilling to play through injuries. Resident of coach Bruce Arians’ doghouse.

“I’ve been labeled” Williams said “and none of them have really been positive. I don’t really worry about what people say on the outside but what I do want to do is bring light to this offense.”

That’s impossible to do if you aren’t in uniform on game day. Williams a second-round pick in 2011 has been inactive for all six games a healthy scratch.

That’s fueled speculation the Cardinals will try to trade him before the league deadline of Oct. 29 at 1 p.m.

Maybe they will but at present the Cardinals aren’t pursuing a trade. There likely are several reasons for that.

Because of injuries Williams has played in just five NFL games in three seasons so it’s not as if he would command much in return compensation.

There are people in the organization who think Williams has skills the team might need especially later in the season. Williams certainly would be well-rested. The Cardinals aren’t willing to exchange that possibility for a low pick. Yet.

Starter Rashard Mendenhall isn’t the picture of health. He missed a lot of practice in training camp and the first month of the season and wears a knee brace when he plays. Backup Andre Ellington has been effective but if Mendenhall goes down it would be beneficial to have a fresh young back ready to activate.

Williams is only 23. He entered the NFL at age 20. A torn patella tendon caused Williams to miss his rookie season. A shoulder injury in Game 5 ended his second season. Maybe he’s just been the victim of bad luck.

So for now Williams practices every day sits on game days and tries to remain patient.

“It’s very hard because on the outside looking in a lot of people don’t understand what I’ve been through these few years” he said.

In Williams’ view this is what he’s been through:

The knee injury could have ended his career and former coach Ken Whisenhunt and his staff rushed Williams back in 2012 “before I was physically and mentally ready to play” Williams said. “Then having the shoulder injury.”

Williams thinks being rushed back was a contributing factor in the shoulder injury because he was not running the same way and aware of everything around him.

“I just know that if I was physically and mentally ready to play last year the shoulder injury mostly likely wouldn’t have happened” Williams said.

Which brings us to the summer of 2013. The Cardinals brought Williams along slowly through the off-season hoping he would be at full health for training camp. But that didn’t happen.

A knee problem developed and Williams missed most of training camp. That frustrated Arians and while Williams was out Ellington Stepfan Taylor and Alfonso Smith moved past Williams on the depth chart.

Williams’ knee ailment this summer remains a mystery. An MRI revealed no damage and Williams underwent a procedure to inject platelet-rich plasma into the knee. That is designed to promote healing.

Williams declined to discuss the problem with his knee other than to say “To have what I had during the summer was not my fault at all.”

He’s healthy now but he is sitting and waiting for a chance to show it. Maybe it will come in Arizona. Maybe it will come with another team.

Williams isn’t fretting over his future but he would like remain with the Cardinals.

“This is my home; this is where I want to be” he said. “I want to make plays for this organization like I set out to do in 2011.”