Josh Reddick arrived at Phoenix Municipal Stadium on Friday morning, shaggy beard still in place, and he said that if needed, he'll take on a greater leadership role.

Without Jonny Gomes and Brandon Inge, the team's central clubhouse figures last season, the A's might have need of him.

"We did lose two guys who had big say-so with the position players," Reddick said. "At times, I've thought if I have to (lead) I will. I'm not going to push the issue, but if it comes around, I will."

Reddick matured as a player last year, but he still has one obvious issue that indicates he has a way to go: His helmet-throwing and screaming at umpires from the dugout, which baseball people say does Reddick - and the team - no favors.

Reddick knows that his behavior isn't ideal, and he plans to work on it. "It's something I've got to control," he acknowledged. "Sometimes intensity is good, and sometimes, it's a huge negative. The thing is to find a happy place, a middle ground."

With five outfielders for four spots, including designated hitter, Reddick expects lots of "shuffling," but he believes he is well settled in right field, which is sensible considering he won a Gold Glove there last year. "I'm pretty content staying there," he said.