It is Carmelo Anthony’s team, Carmelo Anthony’s city, and after all the playoff futility he has endured, if this isn’t Carmelo Anthony’s time, it never will be.

He’s the one on the billboards, he’s the one who dreamed of playing Broadway, he’s the one who must now be Reggie Jackson in October and Eli Manning in February and Mark Messier in June.

So here comes Anthony roaring into the playoffs tomorrow at the Garden playing the best basketball of his life, except the proud, old Celtics won’t care much that he led the league in scoring. If it won’t be Doc Rivers doing everything in his power to take Melo out of the game and make others beat him, it will be Kevin Garnett doing everything in his power to get in Anthony’s head and make it snap, crackle, pop once again.

Kenyon Martin says Melo need not worry.

“I got it,” Martin told The Post yesterday.

In what way?

“It won’t happen, man, ’cause he ain’t gotta do all that bangin’ and all that with KG no more,” K-Mart said.


“Cause I’m here,” he said.