A's right fielder Josh Reddick apologized via Twitter Tuesday for a May 25 incident in Houston in which a worker at Minute Maid Park in Houston was hit by sunflower seeds thrown by Reddick.

The woman used the internet Tuesday to publish a letter (http://www.daynasteele.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/OaklandAs_Letter.pdf ) she'd written to A's director of media relations Bob Rose in which she said Reddick threw sunflower seeds, hitting her in the face.

In the letter, the woman said "the only resolution I wanted from the entire ordeal was an apology."

Reddick said seeing it on Twitter Tuesday morning was the first he'd heard of the letter. Manager Bob Melvin said he'd first learned of the incident the next day, May 26, and talked with Reddick about it then.

The right fielder declined to elaborate on his Twitter (@joshreddick16) apology but said he routinely throws sunflower seeds at mascots, both the A's Stomper and opposing mascots, and had no idea he'd hit anyone until later.

"For all of you who know or have heard about my sunflower seed incident in Houston," Reddick said via the Twitter platform, "all I was trying to do was have fun with the mascot. I flip seeds in every stadium at the mascot.

"It was just unfortunate that I hit an employee throwing T-shirts. I am deeply sorry for what I've done. It will not happen again."

According to the woman's letter to Rose, the employee is a member of the Astros' Shooting Stars crew who, among other duties, launch free T-shirts into the stands in the middle of the sixth inning of Astros home games. The incident apparently occurred during that break in the game May 25.

Melvin said the incident came to his attention the next day when the Astros' clubhouse manager told him of it. He and Reddick talked promptly.

"I spoke to him about it, and he felt bad about it," Melvin said. "There was nothing done maliciously. It was his way of having a little fun."