When Phil Jackson’s press conference was over Friday afternoon there was plenty of broken pieces to put together.

Carmelo Anthony, still part of the organization, still holding the no-trade clause card, was perturbed by Jackson’s efforts to push him out. Kristaps Porzingis was troubled enough by the direction and dysfunction of the organization that he skipped out on his scheduled sit-down with Jackson.

Add to it Anthony’s reported separation from his wife and the Knicks loss even in the ping-pong prelude to the draft lottery and the Knicks find themselves desperately in need of a win - and calm.

When camp begins that will be left to Jeff Hornacek. It may be all he has on his plate.

“Jeff has a good basketball mind,” Jackson said. “I think he is amenable to players. He is a young coach, he has only coached, what’s this, two and a half seasons? It is not like he has got a menu of 10 years of coaching. I think he listens. We have good communication going back and forth. I think there is some disconnect at times with this team and I think there is some rebelliousness in this team that created some of the discord during the year and I think that has to stop and that will stop.”

Hornacek certainly won’t be orchestrating his own strategies on the court. His hopes of bringing what he learned at his father’s side as a child, from Johnny Orr during his college days at Iowa State and from the NBA coaches he played for and assisted, including Hall of Famer Jerry Sloan have faded. That much Jackson made as clear as his efforts to rid the Knicks of Anthony.