Jed Lowrie would prefer to play one position every day and feels most comfortable at shortstop. Hiro Nakajima told A's manager Bob Melvin he is happy to play anywhere.

For starters, though, Lowrie will bounce around the infield and Nakajima will focus on shortstop; this is his first year playing in the U.S., and the team wants him to get acclimated and eliminate distractions.

Sound familiar?

When Yoenis Céspedes arrived in camp last year, the situation was almost the same. Coco Crisp expressed a strong desire to stay in center, Céspedes said he would play wherever the A's wanted, but the team said Céspedes was the guy in center, for the same reasons as Nakajima: First time playing in the U.S., so put him where he was most accustomed.

In May, Crisp returned to center and Céspedes moved to left field.

Lowrie's flexibility might keep him out of regular shortstop work, though.