Word is the A's could emerge as a player for White Sox star righthander Jake Peavy.

A's GM Billy Beane's team is in great shape as far as starting pitchers with a solid rotation top prospect Sonny Gray clearly ready to help and and Brett Anderson close to returning from a right foot injury.

But Oakland briefly got involved in Matt Garza talks at the 11th hour before he was sent to Texas and could consider the same with Peavy. People who have spoke to Beane say his rationale is simple: he'd prefer to acquire a very good starting pitcher than a mediocre hitter no matter his own need.

"There are just no great bats available'' one A's connected person said.

Beane has pulled of quite a few deadline surprises in the past. This could be another one.

With that being the case they will take a look at Peavy. Word is they had a scout at his return start vs. the Braves though an A's person said that was only normal coverage. That said they will be monitoring Peavy from here out.