Yoenis Céspedes' primary concern from late last season - the issue that had been eating at him - is resolved, and the A's left fielder was overjoyed Saturday.

"Noticias, noticias!" he said, racing up to a reporter. News, news!

"Mi familia, Miami, 2:30 today!"

Céspedes' 14 family members who fled from Cuba with him two years ago were all expected to land in Miami on Saturday afternoon on a ship from Turks and Caicos Islands. Céspedes, who had been worried about his relatives' safety in the Dominican Republic in the wake of a legal dispute with a former representative, was so upset that he rarely spoke to the media and spent much of the final few weeks of the A's season sitting at his locker, interacting little with others.

On Saturday, Céspedes was actually jumping up and down he was so elated. When asked how he felt, through interpreter Ariel Prieto, Céspedes told The Chronicle in English.

"Great! Happy!"