In a study of the best NBA shooters from each end of the floor, Kirk Goldsberry of Grantland found that Orlando Magic swingman Arron Afflalo leads the league in field-goal percentage on two-point jumpers along the right baseline. Afflalo shoots 48 percent on such shots, well above the league average of 38.1 percent, according to Goldsberry.

That Afflalo would enjoy success along the baseline isn't surprising: the UCLA product also excels on corner three-point shots, according to's stats database, connecting on 55 percent of right-corner triples and 46.9 percent on left-corner tries. Neither of those numbers leads the league, but both are above the league average: in aggregate, NBAers shoot 38.7 percent from the right corner and 38.5 percent from the left.

Afflalo's marksmanship has helped him increase his scoring to 16.7 per game, which average leads the Magic. Famously, Afflalo has increased his per-game scoring in each of his professional seasons.