Maybe Aroldis Chapman can start, go six innings, take a breather in the 7th, set himself up in the 8th and save his own win in the 9th. That would answer some questions. Meantime, it's clearer than ever that the Reds don't know what to do with their Missile. It's equally clear that for now, it doesn't matter.

Start him? That's why he was hired in January 2010. That's what he has been groomed to do, theoretically, even as he has done everything but. The Big Man didn't welcome Chapman into his wallet so the Cuban defector could pitch the 7th and/or 8th innings. Until Sunday, Chapman was the best setup man in the game. Using him that way was like displaying the Hope Diamond in a coal bin.

Chapman won't be starting anytime soon. Which is wrong.

(And can we please skip the spin regarding the injuries to Bill Bray, Nick Masset and Ryan Madson? If the Cardinals lost half their bullpen, they wouldn't move Jaime Garcia or Lance Lynn into the coveted and vitally critical 8th-inning role. If the 8th is so important, how come we never saw Roger Clemens setting up?)

"Now pitching the 8th inning for the Dodgers. . . Sandy Koufax.''

Is there a Setup Man wing in Cooperstown? The award for Best 8th Inning Reliever In Baseball: Who wins that a lot? Think of how much better Atlanta could have been in the 90s, if only Greg Maddux had been the Braves' 8th-inning guy.

Now, it's Chapman's turn to close ballgames. Dusty Baker made that call before Sunday's game, with the qualifier that Chapman wouldn't be closing Sunday, because he'd pitched Saturday.