Stand by your ex.

That’s the tune Alex Rod­riguez’s former wife, Cynthia, is singing in New York magazine’s Monday issue. But even as she attempts to defend A-Rod against Major League Baseball’s allegation that he used banned substances, she suggests he lacks a moral compass and would just listen to the advice of whoever was with him at the time.

“I used to say to Alex, ‘Don’t you just know what to do? Don’t you just have that voice in your head that tells you?’ He said, ‘No. I don’t,’ ” Cynthia said.

“I think, looking back, he was probably uncomfortable with his place in the world.”
Amazingly, A-Rod referred the mag to his ex-wife as a “character witness” despite his string of embarrassing liaisons, including one with Madonna that led to their 2008 divorce.

“You’re going to love her,” he told New York. “She’s an amazing lady. I love her to pieces, and she’s one of my best friends.”