Alex Rodriguez's legal team is preparing to file a medical malpractice suit against the Yankees' team doctor a source in A-Rod's camp told

Rodriguez and his lawyers believe they have evidence that supports their contention that Chris Ahmad the Yankees' team doctor misdiagnosed A-Rod's hip injury during last October's playoffs. They have yet to file the suit as they continue to put together their case.

During the 2012 postseason A-Rod went 3-for-25 with no extra base hits and 12 strikeouts which eventually led to his being benched and pinch-hit for during the American League Division Series and Championship Series.

On Oct. 10 Yankees manager Joe Girardi pinch-hit for Rodriguez for the first time using Raul Ibanez during Game 3 of the ALDS against the Baltimore Orioles.

After the game Rodriguez told the team his previously injured right hip felt off. He went for an MRI and the focus of the exam was the original injury. It turned out that Rodriguez who previously had surgery on his right hip needed an operation on his left hip.

"He blames Dr. Ahmad for missing his hip injury? He missed his own hip injury" a Yankees official told ESPN New York's Wallace Matthews last month. According to records provided by A-Rod's team to ESPN New York the radiologist working with Dr. Ahmad on Rodriguez's MRI on Oct. 11 reported "Stable postoperative appearance of the right hip with no evidence of labral re-tear stable degenerative change and only minimal gluteus medius insertional tendinosis. Partial evaluation of left hip revealing superior labral tear with small parabal cyst."

The record is a description of the radiologist report and does not include any interpretations or clinical documentation from Dr. Ahmad. The notes were sent to Dr. Marc Philippon who did the original hip surgery for Rodriguez. Phillipon performed another MRI on Oct. 29 that showed that Rodriguez need surgery on the left hip this time.

Rodriguez's team interpretation of the notes is that Dr. Ahmad knew that Rodriguez had a tear in the left hip but did not inform A-Rod.