Alex Rodriguez is scheduled for left hip surgery today at New York's Hospital for Special Surgery in a two-hour procedure to treat a torn labrum, a bone impingement and a cyst.

According to lead surgeon Dr. Bryan Kelly, the optimistic timetable for A-Rod's return to the Yankees lineup is just after the All-Star break in July.

Earlier this month, Kelly offered some concern for "complicating factors" that could make for a longer rehab, such as Rodriguez's age (he turns 38 on July 27) and "how much unfixable damage" might be discovered during surgery. The Yankees have signed free agent Kevin Youkilis to fill in for A-Rod at third base.

Rodriguez's right hip was surgically repaired in March 2009, which cost him the first five weeks of the season. The diagnosis on his left hip was made in November, but a lengthier "pre-hab" was necessary to prep him for surgery and aid his recovery.