If you had to bet which would you say Alex Rodriguez stands a better chance of doing?

Returning to form as a healthy player for the New York Yankees or avoiding a monstrous suspension from baseball?

On both fronts A-Rod appears to be trailing by five runs with two outs in the bottom of the ninth.

Really the only question now is how each of his games will end.

Is Rodriguez 38 in bad enough shape to be declared permanently disabled? (Doubtful considering that he was playing in rehab games last week.)

Will he get a lifetime ban from baseball? (Also doubtful considering that he never has been suspended and that there is little precedent for such a penalty.)

Either outcome of course would end Rodriguez’s career. But call all the lawyers: We are hundreds of billable hours away from either possibility being close to reality.

Lawyers A-Rod has lawyers. He runs through them the way he runs through his blonde girlfriends. The attorneys he employs today are not necessarily the attorneys he will employ tomorrow.