Summing it up

From dominant to dreadful, the Spurs have yet to enjoy much consistency even as they won 10 of 13 coming into Wednesday’s home game against Oklahoma City. But, much like their recent conquest at Atlanta, just about everything came together for the Spurs, who set a season-high scoring with their 130-91 victory over the depleted Thunder. No Kevin Durant or Serge Ibaka certainly helped. But not even they might have made a difference as the Spurs led by as many as 44 points.

“We played the way we have to play to win a basketball game,” said Spurs coach Gregg Popovich, perhaps the understatement of the 2014-15 season. “That consistency is what we are looking for and we have not gained that yet. We see nights like this, or in Atlanta, where we play the way we…hope to play, we are a pretty good basketball team. We just have not been consistent.”

Player of the Game

The Spurs faced Russell Westbrook on Wednesday, a frightening proposition after Monta Ellis ravaged them the previous night. But despite his two-month rampage, Westbrook was made to look mortal in his matchup with Tony Parker, who scored more points (21 to 16), pulled down more rebounds (six to four) and had more steals (three to two) while playing about the same amount of minutes (28 to 26). The only area Westbrook outdid Parker was assists, and only just (seven to six).