If there was any doubt that Dan Duquette was uncomfortable with the 2013 Orioles, Thursday should have erased all doubts.

At the press conference to announce the contract extensions of Duquette and Buck Showalter, the Orioles' Executive Vice President of Baseball Operations, said he's not uneasy about the state of the club.

"l like this ball club. I like the pitching staff. I like the stability we have in our pitching staff, starting with our bullpen, which was a strength of the team, and they're all coming back. They're a year older with more experience. We have some young pitchers who want to establish themselves as good, winning pitchers in the major leagues. We had a couple who came up last year in [Chris] Tillman, [Miguel] Gonzalez and Stevie Johnson. Those guys pitched like top of the rotation starters. They won over 20 games for us, and they were rookies last year," Duquette said.

Tillman wasn't a rookie last year, but he had his first sustained success in the big leagues after many tries. Only one of the team's starters, Wei-Yin Chen was with the team the entire season.

"We built our team last year over the whole year," Duquette said.

"When we had an opportunity to improve the team, we seized on it, if it made economic sense, so I can tell you this past off-season, we have had umpteen trade proposals from teams that like our young players, OK? Our young players are very valuable, but we like our young players," Duquette said.

Louis Angelos, son of team owner Peter Angelos, talked about the Mets offering one of Showalter's favorites, knuckleballer R.A. Dickey , but asking for Dylan Bundy or Kevin Gausman in return.