Every time Scott Linehan turned around this off-season he saw Matthew Stafford.

Roaming the halls at the Lions’ practice facility in January. Squeezing in an early-morning workout in February. Neck-deep in video cut-ups watching 2012 losses to the Minnesota Vikings in March.

Linehan the offensive coordinator got so accustomed to seeing his quarterback at team headquarters over the winter that one day he stopped him and asked “Don’t you have a hobby?”

“Yeah football” Linehan said Stafford replied. “That’s pretty much what he’s about.”

Football has defined Stafford much of his life. He led his Dallas-area high school team to the playoffs as a sophomore started at Georgia as a freshman and became the No. 1 overall pick in the 2009 draft.

Still the 25-year-old insists he has interests outside the sport.

“I mean I like to play golf sometimes” he said. “Not during the season. I go to movies if that’s a hobby.”

It’s not playing the piano and in an organization where his predecessors include Joey (Tickle The Ivories) Harrington Jon Kitna and Scott Mitchell that’s a good thing.

Stafford is coming off two of the most prolific seasons in NFL history though he enters today’s opener against the Vikings at a defining point in his career.