In the four days since The Trade was made, thousands of words have been spilled about Justin Upton and Martin Prado, about grittiness and value, about Kevin Towers and Kirk Gibson. I think the best place to start is by linking to some of the better stories I've seen written about the deal. They've already explored many of the same thoughts I have and probably have expressed them better than I could.

*Yahoo's Jeff Passan on the Diamondbacks' willingness to forsake talent for intangibles.

*Fox Sports' Ken Rosenthal expands on something he wrote way back in July, that the Diamondbacks didn't view Upton as a winning player. The quote from the unnamed player about the Oregon football team pretty much nails it, I think.

*Buster Olney wrote about all the value the Diamondbacks have squandered this off-season.

*Jonah Keri writes that the best you can say about the deal from the Diamondbacks' perspective is that it might not make them significantly worse in 2013.

*ESPN's Keith Law says the Diamondbacks traded Upton for one year of Prado, a fifth starter, two fringe prospects and a non-prospect.