From Devon White to Steve Finley to Chris Young, the Diamondbacks have had a tradition of stellar center fielders, rangy defenders who have made the spacious and angular Chase Field look like a Little League park.

Adam Eaton, the rookie expected to be the Diamondbacks’ primary center fielder, is hoping he can follow in their footsteps. During his brief stint in the majors in September, he showed flashes of greatness. He was aggressive in pursuing fly balls. He never hesitated to leave his feet. He displayed an impressive throwing arm.

But he also made mistakes, those borne both of inexperience and over-aggressiveness.

He thinks he has room to improve. The Diamondbacks believe he’s capable of being very good.

“I would like to be considered kind of an exciting player,” Eaton said. “I’d like to make that play that other people don’t make. That’s what makes you great. As any outfielder would say, catching that ball that nobody else does would make you great.”

The defensive highlight of Eaton’s time in the majors came on Sept. 9 in San Diego. He raced back to catch a hard liner a few steps in front of the warning track before looking up to see the runner from first standing near second base.

He wound up and uncorked an incredible throw that beat the runner back to first base for a double play.