Since players are interviewing and working out at the NFL Scouting Combine, one thing that happens almost every single year is that word gets out that a team is really impressed with a specific player. It especially is true about quarterbacks. This time it is about the Arizona Cardinals and quarterback Matt Barkley.

Bleacher Report draft writer Matt Miller tweeted this Sunday morning:

Matt Miller

Text I received from a scout this morning: Matt Barkley will not get past the Arizona #Cardinals at No. 7 overall.

That is much different than saying Barkley is a lock for the Cardinals at number seven, but it at least mildly confirms the team's interest.

Now, here is what's Daniel Jeremiah had to say:

"This week in Indy always spawns several rumors. One such rumor has the Cardinals being very interested in Barkley. I've been told this exact same piece of information from a few different sources. According to one source, the Cardinals were extremely impressed with the USC quarterback during his interview this week."