Ever since Kurt Warner retired, Cardinals fans have been appalled at how much the team has placed on their quarterbacks' shoulders. We have always complained that the Cards pass the ball around too much, despite having receivers like Larry Fitzgerald to throw to. It just seemed that Ken Whisenhunt never understood that he didn't have an elite quarterback anymore, so throwing that much was a poor idea.

And just to lay it on even more, Pro Football Focus claims that the Cardinals passed more than any other team when they were trailing in a game last season. The Cards trailed their opponent 57% of the time, good for the tenth most amount of time in the league.

When they were behind, they made their quarterback drop back 75% of the time, which was the most of any team when they are trailing their opponent. That number was actually tied with the Atlanta Falcons, who happen to have a very good quarterback in Matt Ryan and a much more efficient passing attack.