In his first week back with the New Orleans Saints, it seemed like Roman Harper had a teleporter — because he was everywhere.

The veteran safety, who returned to the Saints earlier this month after two seasons with the Carolina Panthers, was moving all over the practice field during minicamp, putting his fellow defenders where they needed to be. After a pass deflection, he jogged back to the sideline as his teammates celebrated by patting him on his helmet and shoulder pads.

And when the defense made stops during the two-minute drills, he congratulated his teammates with jumps of excitement or a simple pat on the back.

Fellow defensive back Jimmy Pruitt quickly took notice. To the undrafted rookie out of San Jose State, having Harper around has been helpful.

“He is a guy you can go to, always open to questions,” Pruitt said. “He plays fast, knows the defense and understands offensive schemes as well.”

Harper went from second-round draft pick in 2006 to Super Bowl champion with the Saints less than four years later. During his nine seasons in New Orleans, he played with Jonathan Vilma, Darren Sharper, Will Smith and Jabari Greer, among many others, as part of a team full of defensive leaders.

So he understands what it takes to win.

“I want to get to know the guys, show them the way of winning,” Harper said. “It’s so hard to win if you don’t know how.”