Take a look at this highlight video of Jeremy Lamb in the D-League this past season. Impressive, right?
Lamb has got talent and this coming season, we should start to see him playing a lot more.

The Thunder are more than likely not going to bring Kevin Martin back which will mean Lamb should start seeing some of those minutes. I could see DeAndre Liggins maybe getting some of those minutes at the start but there’s no reason to believe Lamb shouldn’t emerge in the backup two-guard role next year.

We don’t know yet how committed the Thunder are to Lamb. He hardly played for OKC last season and the Thunder didn’t actually draft him, as he was acquired as part of the James Harden trade. So we’re not sure exactly how much the Thunder saw in him.

And now headed into the upcoming NBA Draft, the Thunder will have three draft picks with one of those coming in the lottery. Basically, the Thunder will have an opportunity to get a young player other than Lamb if they decide that’s what they want to do.