According to Ken Beger of CBS Sports, there is some interest within the Memphis Grizzlies front office about trading for future Hall of Famer Paul Piece. In return, the Grizzlies would send Rudy Gay as part of the package.

The rumor really caught fire when the Celtics announced yesterday that All-Star Rajon Rondo would miss the remainder of the season with a torn ACL. Of course the Gay rumors have been heating up around the league for a better part of a month, but with the Griz making a move last week to free up some cap space, there continues to be speculation that they may keep the core in tact at least through the remainder of this season.

That begs, if you can get Pierce for Gay, however, do you make that move?

Marc Stein of ESPN, though, believes that the Grizzlies are not so interested in making a move to pick up Piece simply because he doesn't quite fit in their long-term plans -- plus, he doesn't think Pierce would be happy playing in Memphis.