The most significant chapter in the book on Carmelo Anthony, certain to be read verbatim by opponents from Miami to Brooklyn to Boston and all points west, is the one that describes the tactics and methods advised to psychologically impair him and thereby destroy the Knicks.

Kevin Garnett has already written the chapter on how the proper trash talk can turn Melo into a raging cereal stalker, and now Spencer Hawes will be writing the one on how a little excessive bodying and bullying and maybe an accidental elbow to the neck can get him off his game and open the door to a suspension from the league for, say, a retaliatory flagrant smack to the head.

It is no way to chase the franchise’s first championship in 40 years in the heated, high-stakes months to come, and it is why Mike Woodson is wisely throwing the book —let’s call it How To Jar Melo — back at his Knicks.

“That’s something I’m trying to talk to all the guys about, it’s just not Melo,” Woodson said. “We just got to leave the officials alone.

“When teams play physical, I want us to play physical and not back away. That’s what the good teams are supposed to do. The teams play us physical, it’s OK. You just got to return the favor and let the officials do their job and hopefully things work out for you. We’ve kind of been on the back side of that a little bit where we lost our composure a little bit and we just got to back away from it because you can’t win that battle.”