Anthony Bennett is one of the most intriguing talents on the board in the upcoming 2013 NBA draft.

According to CBS Sports’ Jeff Goodman, sources indicate the freshman forward recently made his “one-and-done” intentions clear and will officially declare himself eligible for June’s draft in the near future.

Bennett is the No. 4 overall prospect on our latest Top-30 big board. Barring a major, unforeseen incident, he should be a lock to get selected in the early lottery.

Listed at 6’8”, 240 pounds, the Rebels star could be considered a bit of a tweener—if he weren’t such a skilled player at the 4. While some are projecting this youngster to potentially man the 3 at the NBA level, his best attributes shine when he’s slotted in at the PF position.

What Bennett lacks in height, he makes up in pure physicality, strength and desire. He has a 7’1” wingspan, incredible athleticism and a motor that just won’t quit.

The 20-year-old may be a few inches smaller than a prototypical power forward—something that is likely holding him back from being considered for the No. 1 overall pick—but he can more than make up for it by outworking the opposition.

Bennett is one of the strongest players in the class and is constantly outmuscling his man for rebounds on both ends of the floor. He’s able to force his way into position for easy layups and dunks, and can even drag his man out of the paint with his ability to shoot the ball from beyond the arc.

Obviously, Bennett isn’t the perfect prospect. Knocks on him include his somewhat slow feet on defense—especially evident when guarding small forwards—and tendency to shy away from contact, despite possessing a frame that can absorb it with ease.