You never know.

There are so many things to do and decide in the next little while that this could be a watershed week, it could be a boring week, it could be a week of a lot of little things.

Here’s what we know:

As my man Stein said on the tweeter over the weekend, there’s a big move in the front office now to somehow get into the draft this Thursday night.

Not sure I understand why – this is a team that’s almost too young – and it may be they just want to grab a second round pick at a small price (no way they’d be looking at Myck Kabongo, is there?) but they are definitely thinking about it.

I suppose there could be some grander plan in place but, not surprisingly, no one’s offering up specifics because it’s a new administration getting its feet wet and I’m not sure anyone knows precisely how things will turn out.

The feeling I’m getting from talking to a bunch of people over the weekend is that there are so many moving parts, that clear direction has yet to emerge.

There are, of course, assistant coaches to hire – was told last week it could be early this week when some of it gets done – and now there might be another opening to worry about.

Eric Hughes, the team’s basketball development assistant coach – the guy who spends countless hours working out players hither and yon during the season and the summer – is in Brooklyn today to have an interview for a job with the Nets.

It’s a logical move for the well-respected Hughes because he was an assistant coach at California when Jason Kidd went there and has known Billy King for years and years.

It’d be a loss if he were to leave, Hughes worked hard to turn these guys into players, and could leave Dwane Casey and Masai with four jobs to fill from a shrinking market and with little more than one-year contracts to offer potential assistants.

Masai also has to worry about his own staff; he’s pretty much on an island this week and given that it’s a big week, that’s got to be a very tough place.