A third of the way into the season, the Giants have a three-headed monster at running back and one of the heads has been toothless. While Rashad Jennings has been solid all season and ran well against Philadelphia on Monday night, Andre Williams appeared to bottom out against the Eagles.

“There are sometimes where he may get a dirty look, there’s sometimes where he maybe could’ve read something a little bit better, there’s some times there are times when he doesn’t have a good play,’’ offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo said. “We’d like to see more production from Andre. We believe in Andre, and like to think he’d take advantage of his opportunities moving forward.”

Jennings carried 13 times for 63 yards and added three catches on three targets for 20 yards against the Eagles. With Williams carrying four times for just three yards — averaging under 0.8 for the game and 2.8 for the season — it begs the question whether the Giants need to dump this democracy for a meritocracy.

“I do think that, quite frankly, Williams probably needs more carries,” coach Tom Coughlin said. “But under the present system it’s something we have to deal with.’’