Over the winter, as each new addition was made to the Mariners, one of the recurring questions that kept coming up was “How are these guys all going to get playing time?”

There was concern that Michael Saunders would not be able to enjoy a full-time season, given how the likes of Michael Morse, Raul Ibanez and Jason Bay were coming in. There was concern that Jesus Montero would lack the requisite number of at-bats because Kendrys Morales was going to be the main DH and Ibanez would also see time there.

I also remember thinking myself that Justin Smoak would be squeezed for playing time at first base.

So far, none of that has happened. In fact, this first week has been a pretty amazing showcase of splitting time between a bunch of guys who play similar positions.

Heading into tonight’s game in Chicago, every position player has gotten in at least one of the first four games. So has every pitcher, other than starter Blake Beavan, whose turn in the rotation comes tonight.

Looking at games played by position players, here’s the breakdown:

Franklin Gutierrez — 4

Justin Smoak — 4

Kyle Seager — 4

Michael Morse — 4

Michael Saunders — 3

Jesus Montero — 3

Dustin Ackley — 3

Kendrys Morales — 3