All of the recent talk about Tyrod Taylor’s status as the Buffalo Bills’ starting quarterback potentially being in jeopardy should be looked at as just that – talk.

The reality is, the Bills don’t have a better option on their roster. Barring injury, Taylor will be under center when the season opens Sept. 10 against the New York Jets.

The real question, however, is what will happen after this upcoming season. It’s clear by now that the Bills aren’t yet convinced Taylor can be the starter here for the long term.

The first indication of that was the prolonged negotiations that ended with him signing a restructured contract in the first place. That new deal, which amounted to a $10 million pay cut for Taylor, includes a cap hit of $9.713 million in 2017 – cheap for a starting quarterback in the NFL.

The figure balloons to $18.08 million in 2018, though, meaning the Bills will have a decision to make on Taylor again much like they did earlier this offseason. If he’s released before the 2018 league year starts, the Bills would carry a cap hit of $8.64 million. That’s not ideal, but the team could live with it.

When his restructured deal was announced, new coach Sean McDermott released a statement saying he was “excited about the opportunity” to retain Taylor. The last three words of it, however, were the most interesting.