Kansas swingman Andrew Wiggins has hit his first NCAA speed bump.

The Thornhill-born phenom is going through the natural adjustments all freshman do, but he’s doing it with more attention and pressure than any frosh in years, leading to naysayers.

Wiggins has caught flack for averaging just eight points on 29% shooting in two games in the Bahamas last week (one, a loss to Villanova), but what most weren’t aware of, was that he was fighting a bad case of the flu.

“The kid was sick in those games, in hindsight, probably shouldn’t have played, I think people should give him credit for playing,” Tony McIntyre — who coaches CIA Bounce, the Toronto-area AAU team that counts Wiggins and No. 1 overall NBA draft pick Anthony Bennett (among many others) as alumni — told the Sun on Thursday.

McIntyre isn’t surprised doubters have emerged, but believes they’re making a mistake in claiming Wiggins is overrated.