LeBron James is the ideal teammate, but ...

... Andrew Wiggins has a team that wants him. ... Anthony Bennett might start. ... Wiggins won't be forced to play shooting guard. ... Bennett can test himself in different roles at either forward spot. ... Wiggins and Bennett won't face immediate title expectations. ... Wiggins and Bennett can draw their own hype and step out of the shadows.

The Cleveland Cavaliers agreed to trade Wiggins and Bennett along with a future first-round pick to the Minnesota Timberwolves for All-Star power Kevin Love, USA TODAY Sports reported Thursday. In doing so, they freed the No. 1 picks of the past two NBA drafts (Wiggins in June, Bennett in 2013) to start anew.

So the T'wolves probably will lose a few more games next year. And neither Wiggins nor Bennett is a guarantee to fulfill the expectations of being a No. 1 overall pick. But the move makes sense for everyone: While boosting the Cavs into title contention immediately, Minnesota could come out on top in the end.

For one, the pieces are right. T'wolves point guard Ricky Rubio is one of the only players in the NBA who can pass like James, and he's now surrounded by an array of athletes, starting with Wiggins and rookie shooting guard Zach LaVine, whom the T'wolves drafted 13th overall. Then there's hulking center Nikola Pekovic, who should be able to make up for part of Love's rebounding presence and matches up better next to Bennett, an athlete and slasher who should be a good fit in the high post.