The Philadelphia Flyers had some business to take care of before the playoffs begin; signing defenseman Andrew MacDonald to a contract extension.

MacDonald, 27, was acquired by the Flyers at the trade deadline this season in a deal with the Islanders. He was expendable to the Isles despite being a minutes monster because of his expiring contract at the end of the season. The Flyers, always on the hunt for defense, found a new home for him.

Now it's going to be his home for a while and he'll have a lot of money to be a new home as Dave Isaac reported.

Sooo ... that's a lot of money there, Paul Holmgren. Like a LOT of money. His cap hit of $5 million is usually reserved for guys with a little more point production to go with their game.

His contract comparables on defense at $5 million? Paul Martin, Alexander Edler, Sergei Gonchar, Dustin Byfuglien, Keith Yandle just to name a few. His new cap hit is $300,000 more than the Rangers are going to pay Ryan McDonagh over the same time frame. Think about that for a second.

MacDonald might be capable of playing a lot of minutes but the question is if those minutes are good, productive minutes. This season between the Islanders and Flyers he had four goals and 24 assists -- four assists in 19 games in Philly -- and a Corsi For percentage of 44.5 percent, which is not good. It means shot attempts are going the Flyers' way only 44.5 percent of the time when MacDonald is on the ice.