I've tried to make sense of exactly how bad the Andrew Bynum injury fiasco has been for all parties. I'm still working on it. But he's still doing basketball-esque things and "trying" to get himself into game shape. Bynum spoke to reporters today about his injury situation as he has done the past few weeks and I'll summarize what he said to Moore, Cooney, Vito, Finger, and the other guys below. Oh and a special Hair Update as well.

Practice in a week or two.

It's been about "a week or two" for a long ass time. This ass is so long it hangs down to its ankles. I will believe him actually practicing when he is actually practicing. Until then, it's just him talking because...

He doesn't know if he can ever play without pain.

OK, well it looks like he'll just have to deal with it then. Everybody who plays professional sports for a living has some amount of nagging pain that won't go away. If it takes some rest, it takes some rest. Give him a day or two or seven off once in a while. That's fine. But wait.

Bynum doesn't think it gets worse by playing.

Wait, what? Then why aren't you just playing then? Apparently there's some miscommunication here because Cooney tweeted that then Tom Moore tweeted a quote saying he definitely can hurt it more by playing. To sum up: Nobody knows anything.