Having Andrew Bogut back in the lineup for one game before the All-Star break might not seem like much.

Given the way the Mavericks stunk up a large portion of Michigan for a half in the 98-91 loss to Detroit on Wednesday, it was little more than putting perfume on a skunk.

But having Bogut back was at least another step for the Mavericks, and he helped them make a nice, if cosmetic, comeback in the second half.
But it was a move toward health. And who knows if it may lead elsewhere when it comes to maybe making a roster move before the Mavericks get back together next week after All-Star weekend.

Getting back on the court and playing solidly during his 17-plus minutes sends the message that any team that might have interest in Bogut and the last year of his contract before the trading deadline won't necessarily be getting damaged goods.

"We played a horrible first half. Everybody, one through 15," Bogut said. "We battled in the second half. If we play the first half like the second half, we win the game. But it was just good to be out there.

"We're professional enough to know when we play like [crap]. Obviously, you don't want to go into the break with this kind of loss."