The evening's entree was something called Greivis Vasquez, a Venezuelan dish known for the dish.

He's the point guard for the New Orleans Hornets, a budding playmaker who, in his previous game, had 14 assists and 25 points.

"I just like his courage, and I don't know what it is, his savvy?" Nuggets coach George Karl said before tipoff a week ago. "He's made big shots, won big games at the buzzer."

Well, in this game, Andre Iguodala just ate him up. Ate. Him. Up. The carnivorous Denver defender held Vasquez to six points, six assists and six turnovers. Casual fans believe the Nuggets won that game because of Iguodala's 23 points. Wrong.

"His defense on Vasquez was probably the key to the game," Karl said. "This team can execute with a lot of precision, and it didn't happen."

Nuggets fans were told that Iguodala is a good defender from the moment during the Olympic Games last summer when Denver acquired him from Philadelphia. It's the go-to description — Kenneth Faried hustles, JaVale McGee dunks, Andre Iguodala defends. But how good is he? What makes him so good? Is it really that big of a factor?