Charlotte Bobcat Michael Kidd-Gilchrist frequently reviews video of how Andre Iguodala does his job and occasionally gets the chance to pick Iguodala’s brain on playing the small forward position.

That is very savvy for one of the youngest players in the NBA.

Iguodala is precisely who MKG should aspire to be: Not a great natural scorer, but a player who gets how defense can become offense. A guy who turns energy and grit into a “skill” in a way that becomes a sustainable career. And if along the way that buys him time to develop a real jump shot, then bravo.

Several reporters were talking to shooting guard Gerald Henderson after the Toronto game last week and MKG came up in the conversation. Henderson said Kidd-Gilchrist should stop worrying about what’s wrong with his jump shot and continue to attack the rim with assertiveness.

Henderson believes if MKG applies what he does best – a way-above-average-handle for a small forward and a powerful body – that he can be a factor offensively, at least in the short run.

I agree MKG’s bread-and-butter has to be his explosive drives. That’s precisely what Iguodala was early in his career – a dynamic physical force.